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There are five key factors that must be accounted for in a successful septic design:

Soil is not only the foundation of your dwelling, but the foundation of wastewater treatment as well. Every site has unique soil characteristics that are critical in determining the size and type of system required (See diagram 1)

During home construction, the propposed leaching field area should be staked out. Heavy equipment should not cross or be stored in this area to avoid smearing and compaction of soil. Soil smearing and compaction can affect leaching facility performance. (See diagram 2)

The homeowner should allow for any possible construction. Don't locate a leaching field where a pool, deck, basketball court or some other addition is planned. (See diagram 3)

The topography of a site is a critical factor in the siting of septic systems. A contour map shows varying elevations in which each line represents a set evaluation change. By interpreting these maps, flow of stormwater and sometimes groundwater can be predicted. (See diagram 4)

The slope of the system components must comply with minimum and maximum pitch for proper system operation. Some sites may require the use of pumps. (See diagram 5)

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